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Eindhoven Design District is an initiative by Eindhoven Municipality, Dutch Design Foundation, and Eindhoven365 to provide design and technology in Eindhoven with a larger stage and encourage design thinking among businesses and government agencies. On this website, you can find information about the projects we implement and best-practices from the Eindhoven field of design.

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Inspiration book KnoopXL

The area on the north side of Eindhoven Central Station is undergoing a transformative overhaul. Residents, entrepreneurs, and travelers are already actively contributing to the vision of this emerging neighborhood. The Municipality of Eindhoven and the innovative design firm, cocosmos, have diligently surveyed the desires and needs of both current and prospective users of the area. Their findings have been compiled into an inspiration book. This book transcends being a mere document; it serves as an actionable guide. Each developer embarking on projects within the area receives the book alongside an invitation to a co-creation session. This proactive approach lays a solid foundation for developers to tailor their projects in ways that garner widespread support in the future.

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The Many Tree

It's hot in our cities, and it's only getting hotter. That's why the municipality of Eindhoven is working hard to green the city. Greenery also brings comfort, coziness, and shade, and has a positive effect on our well-being. But how do you bring more nature into the dynamic, ever-changing urban environment? Well, for example, with The Many Tree. This rootless tree is at home in any outdoor space. Need to move the tree? You can leave the saw at home, and just move the tree to a new spot!

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De Bepaalbak (Ballot Bin)

The public space belongs to all of us. But how often do you get the chance to have a say about that space? And how often do you actually think about it? With De Bepaalbak (The Ballot Bin), you really can't avoid participating. Well, at least if you want to dispose of your waste. Tossing away a seemingly insignificant item become a vote. Out in the open, where everyone can see what you choose. The Bepaalbak involves people in developments in the public space, such as the station area in Eindhoven, which is undergoing significant changes in the coming years.

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Discover design in Eindhoven

On, you'll find plenty of inspiration to experience Eindhoven Design District for yourself.

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