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Eindhoven Design District is an initiative by Eindhoven Municipality, Dutch Design Foundation, and Eindhoven365 to provide design and technology in Eindhoven with a larger stage and encourage design thinking among businesses and government agencies. On this website, you can find information about the projects we implement and best-practices from the Eindhoven field of design.

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Arabidopsis Symphony

What is happening within a plant? Take the Arabidopsis Thaliana: the Sand Rocket. Barely any activity can be seen by the human eye, but all sorts of processes are happening inside the stems, leaves, and flowers. The designers at Fillip Studios translated the inner workings of this little plant's hormones, genes, and growth into a true symphony. The accompanying AR experience lets you walk through the music. A unique way to look at and listen to the plants around us.

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Blik op Eindhoven

So, how are things going in Eindhoven? How are we doing? How are you doing? That's what general welfare is about. Commissioned by the Municipality of Eindhoven, designer collective Kade Clubhuis investigated what is happening on this front because a city where people are doing well is a better city. With a pleasant living climate. But how do we achieve that? That question is the focus of Blik op Eindhoven (A Perspective on Eindhoven). A project in which Eindhoven residents of all sorts formulated topics and themes together with social organizations, knowledge institutions, and the municipality. Issues that concern them.

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In the heart of Eindhoven lies the Emmasingelkwadrant. The municipality is transforming this area on the edge of the city center into an urban residential neighborhood. At its heart is the Victoriapark, a green, sustainable, and safe oasis for local residents and visitors. Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp of VANTOT developed SUNSEEKER, a revolutionary solar-powered skylight, especially for this public park. With this special street lighting, they take on the classic gray lamppost.

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Discover design in Eindhoven

On, you'll find plenty of inspiration to experience Eindhoven Design District for yourself.

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5x Social designers

What exactly is social design? And how is it applied? Using five concrete examples, we explain the power of social design.

To This is Eindhoven
Aflevering 9 de tekentafel

What can one do with speculative design?

In this episode of the Dutch podcast The Tekentafel, we talk to three designers involved in speculative design: Frank Kolkman, Merle Bergers, and Marleen van Bergeijk.

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7x Design areas & creative hotbeds

Want to explore the city's design areas and hotbeds? Or are you looking for a nice space for your studio or workshop? Then this list is for you.

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